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From Noted Breweries by Alfred Barnard 1890
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Their Trade Mark Directory registration

Watney, Combe, Reid & Co. Ltd, Stag Brewery, Pimlico, London SW1

Founded by William Greene 1641. Came under the control of James Watney 1858.

Registered 1885 as Watney & Co. Ltd. In 1889, they acquired the Mortlake brewery of Phillips, More & Co. Ltd.

Registered as Watney, Combe, Reid & Co. Ltd in June 1898 to amalgamate Watney & Co. Ltd; Combe & Co. Ltd, Woodyard Brewery; and Reid's Brewery Co. Ltd, Griffin Brewery.

After the merger with Mann, Crossman & Paulin Ltd in 1958, the Pimlico Brewery was closed on 23rd April 1959 and brewing was concentrated at Mann's Albion Brewery and Mortlake; the latter was renamed 'Stag Brewery' at this time.

Acquired by Grand Metropolitan Hotels Ltd in 1972 and was merged with Truman, Hanbury & Buxton & Co. Ltd in 1974.

The Hind Statue once in the front of the offices is now located in Lockmeadow shopping mall, Maidstone.

Takeover and closure trail:

  • Carter, Wood & Co, Artillery Brewery, London SW1 was acquired by Watney & Co Ltd in 1890 and brewing ceased there.
  • The Saffron Walden brewery of William Day & Co was acquired by Watney & Co Ltd in 1895.
  • In 1907, Woodbridge & Co, Yorkshire Stingo Brewery, London W1, with approximately 125 houses were acquired and brewing ceased.
  • J E Dawes & Co of Thames Ditton were acquired in January 1911 and their premises were converted into bottling stores in 1914.
  • John Samuel Bligh, Holmesdale Brewery, Sevenoaks, was acquired in 1911 with 27 tied houses.
  • Isleworth Brewery Ltd, after voluntary liquidation in November 1923 was acquired in 1924 with 228 houses.
  • They acquired Huggins & Co. Ltd, Lion Brewhouse, London W1 in September 1928 and the brewery was closed.
  • Crowley & Co of Alton were acquired in 1947 with 248 public houses and brewing ceased there in August 1970.
  • They acquired Stockwell Brewery Co. Ltd, London SW9 in May 1951 and retained the Hammerton’s off-licences but sold off the pubs to Charringtons.
  • In 1954, the Chichester brewery of Henty & Constable Ltd was acquired with 247 houses of which 120 were resold to Friary, Holroyd & Healy's Breweries Ltd, with part of the brewery.

The Pimlico brewery features in The Noted Breweries of Great Britain and Ireland by Alfred Barnard published 1890.

An assortment of images of the brewery


Entry in the Trade Mark Registry

Registration No : 27,262
Description : Stag & Mountains
Date of Application : 16/12/1881
Used Prior to 1870? : 80 years

Registration No : 479,394
Description : Advert for "BROWNIE”
Date of Application : 01/04/1927
Used Prior to 1870? : NO

Registration No : 496,257/8/9
Description : Words "WATNEY”/ "COMBES”/ "REIDS”
Date of Application : 23/10/1928
Used Prior to 1870? : NO

Registration No : 496,585
Description : Cremorne Gates
Date of Application : 01/11/1928
Used Prior to 1870? : NO

Registration No : 542,562
Description : Label
Date of Application : 26/06/1933
Used Prior to 1870? : NO