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A turn of the century newspaper advert
A turn of the century newspaper advert
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Vaux Breweries Ltd, Castle Street Brewery, Sunderland, Tyne & Wear.

Founded by Cuthbert Vaux 1837 at Matlock Street Brewery. Moved to Castle Street 1875. Registered 1896 as C.Vaux & Sons Ltd.

It became Associated Breweries Ltd in 1927. Name changed to Vaux Breweries Ltd in 1973. At that time they held 700 houses in England and 200 Thomas Usher & Son Ltd houses in Scotland.

After pressure from the City, they closed their remaining breweries in 1999. The site in Sunderland is to be redeveloped for mixed uses.

Takeover and closure history:

The Bottling Department in 1907

Views of the inside of the brewery taken in 1930

An assortment of views of the brewery taken over the last 10 years of operation.

Labels etc

Entry in the Trade Mark Registry

Registration No  : 290,298
Description  : Signature
Date of Application  : 09/02/1907
Used Prior to 1875?  : NO