Darley Ltd

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Their Royal Commission, courtesy Paul Hathaway
Darleys Thorne.jpg
Map of Darley's pubs (R Dennis, 1986)
The brewery gates in 2009. Courtesy "Bank House Kennels"
The brewery gates in 2009. Courtesy "Bank House Kennels"
White Hart, Thorne
Darleys labels amended.jpg

W M Darley Ltd, King Street, Thorne, South Yorkshire.

Founded by 1837. Registered 1918 and was reconstructed in 1927.

Acquired by Vaux Breweries Ltd 1978 with 88 houses.

Brewery closed September 1986 but part remains in supermarket complex.

Various images of the brewery

Images of the brewery taken in 1986. Courtesy R Dennis

Examples of the company's labels and mats

Entry in the Trade Mark Registry

Registration No  : 43,308
Description  : Armoured horse's head in a "D"
Date of Application  : 4/3/1885
Used Prior to 1875?  : NO