Robinson's Brewery Ltd

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The Sykes entry in the Trade Mark Directory

Robinson's Brewery Ltd

(1) Union Street Brewery, 27 Union Street, Burton-upon-Trent, Staffordshire

(2) Myrtle Brewery, 16-18 Holly Street, Liverpool, Merseyside

Thomas Robinson, born in Braunstone, Staffordshire, was brewing in 1842 at Worthington's Brewery, High Street, Burton, which then traded as Worthington & Robinson.

In 1863, he built the Union Street Brewery, and traded as Thomas Robinson & Co by 1869. Robinson died on 20 November 1875.

In the 1880s, his brewery was purchased by James Porter, who had been brewing at the Bryan Brothers, Dale Brewery in Burton. Brewing ceased at Dale Street and was concentrated at Union Street. James Porter was also a partner in the Liverpool brewery Sykes, Porter & Co.

In March 1896, the company was re-registered as Robinson's Brewery Co Ltd and the Union Street brewery was merged with Sykes, Porter & Co, Myrtle Brewery with 109 tied houses.

In 1897, they acquired Cook Brothers, Soho Brewery, Liverpool.

Ind Coope Ltd purchased the shares in March 1920 with 135 houses but did not take over until 1929. The Union Street brewery was closed at that time.

The Burton site was cleared 1968-70 for a shopping precinct.