Robinson's Brewery Ltd

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The Sykes entry in the Trade Mark Directory

Robinson's Brewery Ltd

(1) Union Street Brewery, 27 Union Street, Burton-upon-Trent, Staffordshire

(2) Myrtle Brewery, 16-18 Holly Street, Liverpool, Merseyside

Founded by Thomas Robinson in 1842, at Worthington's Brewery, High Street, Burton, which then traded as Worthington & Robinson.

In 1863, he built the Union Street Brewery, and traded as Thomas Robinson & Co by 1869.

Registered March 1896 to acquire Thomas Robinson & Co. and Sykes, Porter & Co, Myrtle Brewery with 109 tied houses.

Acquired by Ind Coope Ltd. 1920 with 135 public houses.

Burton brewery closed 1920 and Liverpool brewery 1930.