Portsmouth & Brighton United Breweries Ltd

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Stannard's Beehive Brewery
1948 letterhead
Prince of Wales, Havant
Leopold, Southsea
Railway Carriers, Portsmouth
The Surprise. Courtesy Roy Denison
The Surprise. Courtesy Roy Denison

Portsmouth & Brighton United Breweries Ltd, Elm Brewery, King Street, Southsea, Portsmouth, Hampshire.

Registered by William Thomas Dupree in October 1896 as Portsmouth United Breweries Ltd. to acquire:

The latter two had been bought in 1895 by William Dupree from Alexander Stannard and George Henry Dean respectively. At its formation, the company owned about 86 tied houses.

The Elm Brewery was rebuilt in 1898, thus making the Cosham Brewery surplus to requirements. The latter was sold to Ernest Whicher.

  • Henry Bransbury & Co's Crown Brewery, Landport was acquired in 1902 with 40 tied houses, and that brewery converted to a bottling store.
  • In 1913, they acquired Hobbs & Co of Gosport with 11 pubs.
  • In about 1917, they acquired Toomes, Crossroads Brewery at the Stonehenge Inn, Durrington (where they later had a depot).
  • They acquired Biden & Co. Ltd of Gosport in 1918.
  • And Lush & Co. Ltd of Portsea in 1924 with 44 houses.

The name was changed as above February 1928 after the Rock Brewery (Brighton) Ltd was acquired. Acquired by Brickwoods Ltd in 1953 with 271 tied houses. Brewing continued until 1962 when it was converted into a mineral water factory and operated as part of Brickwoods.

Since demolished.

The Brewery

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Entry in the Trade Mark Registry

Registration No  : 378,774
Description  : Rota Beer (words)
Date of Application  : 30/06/1917
Used Prior to 1875?  : NO