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Ernest Whicher & Co, Star Brewery, 1 Queen Street, Portsea, Portsmouth, Hampshire.

Founded 1887 by James Shaft. The brewery and 8 houses were sold to George Peters in 1896 who resold it to Ernest Whicher. He carried on the business, trading as the Army & Navy Brewery.

In about 1898, Whicher bought the Cosham Steam Brewery from Portsmouth United Breweries Ltd, and moved his brewing operations to Cosham.

In 1906, he merged with Charles Gillett (Buckland Brewery), at which time the Cosham Steam Brewery was closed. In 1910, he bought the Kingston Brewery (Portsmouth) from George Peters & Co. Ltd and ceased brewing in 1914.

The Portsmouth Evening News carried a notice on 13 February 1915 that Hammerton & Co. Ltd of Stockwell Green SW9 had acquired Kingston Brewery, Kingston Cross, operated by E Whicher & Co.