Cosham Steam Brewery

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Site of the brewery. Ordnance Survey extract from 1907. Reproduced with the permission of the National Library of Scotland (

Cosham Steam Brewery, George & Dragon Hotel, High Street, Cosham, Hampshire

The George and Dragon (previously the George) was in 1859 bought by Jane King who had just succeeded her late husband James as brewer at the aptly named Kings Head in nearby Hilsea. After the Kings Head burned down, Mrs King built the Cosham Brewery on a piece of ground behind the George and Dragon. After her death the brewery was bought by Thomas Henley Canning (in 1877) who in turn sold it to George Henry Dean in 1882.

In 1895, the brewery was bought by William Dupree of Portsmouth United Breweries Ltd. But in 1898, being surplus to requirements, it was sold to Ernest Whicher.

Following Whicher's merger in 1906 with Charles Gillett (Buckland Brewery), the Cosham Steam Brewery was closed.