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Hobbs & Co, Stoke Brewery, Stoke Road, Gosport, Hampshire.

Founded by 1840.

Recorded as Hobbs by 1882 and registered in this name 1909.

Their 12 tied houses were sold to Portsmouth United Breweries Ltd. 1913.

List of Hobbs & Co pubs

Patrick Miller writes:-

Moving outside the ramparts, the breweries included W. Hobbs of Chester Place, Stoke Road (behind the Royal Arms Pub). An 1863 map shows this brewery was previously owned by George Tribe. By 1909, W Hobb's sons had taken over and were trading as H J and W A Hobbs. They were taken over, along with a few tied houses, by United of Portsmouth, in 1913. Nothing now remains of this site, except the closed Royal Arms Pub and out-buildings.

The Author wishes to thank Nicholas Redman, Whitbread Archivist, Ken Thomas, Courage Archivist and Nicholas Faulkner, Freelance Historian, for their assistance with this article.