Isaiah North

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Isaiah North, The Windmill, 62 Sparrow Hill, Loughborough, Leicestershire.

In 1809, the pub and brewhouse were bought for £540 by a Mr Darken of Nottingham. At the time, John Cleaver was the tenant. In 1848 Christopher Cleaver was a maltster at the pub, which he had kept from at least 1835. By 1870 Robert Speed was at the pub.

In 1877, Isaiah North was listed as brewing at the Windmill. In 1884, a Henry North was operating as an aerated water manufacturer at 37/38 Church Gate, on the corner of Sparrowhill, but also as an haberdasher at No 52. Benjamin Sharpe became the victualler until around 1888, with Mrs Emma Sharpe the victualler in 1894. Brewing seems to have ceased around then, although Luke Birkin was running the pub around 1900.

In the 1970s it was owned by Ind Coope Ltd and later Ansells Brewery Ltd. The 1998 Good Beer Guide suggested that it was the oldest inn in the town.