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Hoare.Label 1.jpg
The sale notice of 1934
Hoare London.jpg
George IV, London WC2

Hoare & Co Ltd, Red Lion Brewery, Lower East Smithfield, London E1

Possibly founded as far back as 1492 with Sir John Parson's brewery in business during 17th century. Red Lion brewhouse built 1792. George Matthew Hoare became a partner in 1802. Registered August 1894 with 110 public houses.

Acquired by Charrington & Co. Ltd in 1933 and ceased brewing on 23rd June 1934.

There is a superb collection of archival photos of pubs in the Charrington archive that were previously owned by Hoare & Co on this website: https://www.historypin.org/en/hoare-co/

The brewery features in The Noted Breweries of Great Britain and Ireland by Alfred Barnard published 1890.

An assortment of images of the brewery

Entry in the Trade Mark Registry

Registration No : 97,391
Description : Label design with lion
Date of Application : 23/4/1890
Used Prior to 1875? : NO

Registration No : 297,322
Description : Toby Jug
Date of Application : 23/10/1907
Used Prior to 1875? : NO

Registration No : 334,555
Description : Black Jack
Date of Application : 26/06/1911
Used Prior to 1875? : NO