Herbert Holmes

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Herbert Holmes, The Blacksmiths, 47 Ward's End, Loughborough, Leicestershire.

The pub was previously run by the Birkin family and known as the Black Boy Inn, Forest Road. By 1877, when it was run by Luke Birkin, the name had changed and in 1884 Thomas Thompson was running the pub and soon afterwards John Thompson seems to have been brewing there.

Kelly’s directory for 1877 shows William Holmes as a brewer at the Nelson Vaults, 35 Market Place (NB Admiral Nelson 1815-1970, Everards Ltd 1895).

In 1888 S Pashley was the victualler at the Blacksmiths, but from 1892 to 1921 the Blacksmiths was run by Herbert Holmes, although in 1894 the address was shown as No 46. In 1904-14 he was identified as the brewer (F3095). Sydney Holmes was shown as the brewer in 1922-25, but not in 1932. However, the pub had been completely rebuilt in 1931.

It was a Home Brewery Co. Ltd pub in 1973, when the address was shown as Bedford Square.