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The Southgate brewery in Leicester
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The former King William IV, Enderby, Leics

Everard's Brewery Ltd, Castle Acres, Everard Way, Enderby, District of Blaby, Leicestershire

Still brewing independently.

Founded in 1849 when Thomas Hull and William Everard leased the brewery in Southgate Street, Leicester. See: Everards Southgate Brewery.

In 1893, they acquired the Bridge Brewery, Burton-upon-Trent from Henry Boddington & Co. Ltd. This was originally built as a warehouse in 1783 and was converted into a brewery in 1865. Everards closed the Bridge Brewery in June 1898, having established themselves at the Trent Brewery. The building still stands off the Trent Bridge.

As the Bridge Brewery proved to be too small for the firm's output, in February 1898 they leased the Trent Brewery in Anglesey Road from the Trent Brewery Co. Ltd (in liquidation).

Registered 1925 as W Everard & Co Ltd.

The Southgate Brewery brewery closed in 1931-1932 and was converted into a distribution centre. All brewing was now concentrated at the Trent Brewery in Burton-upon-Trent. Public company registered as Everard's Brewery Ltd in October 1936.

The Trent Brewery was renamed the Tiger Brewery in about 1970 but was closed in 1983. It became Heritage Brewery Ltd (Burton).

In 1985, the Castle Acres brewery in Narborough, near Leicester, was established. Brewing at Castle Acres ceased in 2017, and the brewery has been demolished, to be replaced by a new retail park.

A new brewery named 'Everards Meadows' will be established on the other side of Soar Valley Way. The new brewery, which will also feature a shop, pub, restaurant and cycling centre, is under construction 2018-2019.

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