West Country Breweries Ltd

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Cheltenham Original Brewery Co., New Brewery, Cheltenham, Gloucestershire. Brewers’ Journal 15th November 1898
An advert from 1945
West Country Brewery plaque.jpg

West Country Breweries Ltd, 256 High Street, Cheltenham, Gloucestershire.

Registered 15th April 1888 as the Cheltenham Original Brewery Co. Ltd to acquire the business of J.T.Agg-Gardner founded in 1760.

Name changed to Cheltenham & Hereford Breweries Ltd. 1945 when the Hereford & Tredegar Brewery Ltd. was acquired and was later renamed again to Cheltenham Brewery Holdings Ltd.

Merged with the Stroud Brewery Co. Ltd. 1958 to form West Country Breweries Ltd. with 1,275 tied houses.

Acquired by Whitbread & Co. Ltd. 1963 and was known as Whitbread Flowers Ltd.

Closed 1998 and demolished in 2004.

An assortment of images of the brewery

Images of the brewery, 1993 (Ian Peaty)

Entry in the Trade Mark Registry

Registration No : 205,246
Description : Leckhampton Hill with the Devil's Chimney and pigeons picking up calcareous matter out of the original Cheltenham Spring
Date of Application : 27/05/1897
Used Prior to 1875? : NO

Registration No : 214,727
Description : Tower with battlements
Date of Application : 07/06/1898
Used Prior to 1875? : NO