Stroud Brewery Co. Ltd

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Northgate 01.jpg
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An advert from 1932
Letterhead 1934
Letterhead 1951
Oddfellows, Cirencester

Stroud Brewery Co. Ltd, Rowcroft, Stroud, Gloucestershire.

Founded 1760 as Watts, Hallewell & Co.

By 1830 only Joseph Watts listed.

Registered 1888. 643 tied houses. Merged with Cheltenham & Hereford Breweries Ltd. 1958 to form West Country Breweries Ltd.

Used as a Whitbread & Co. Ltd depot until 1969 and was demolished in 1970.

An assortment of images of the brewery:

An assortment of labels showing the products of the brewery

Entry in the Trade Mark Registry

Registration No  : 92,588

Description  : SBC Ltd monogram
Date of Application  : 12/9/1889

Used Prior to 1870?  : NO