Unicorn Brewery Co. Ltd

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Photo Andy Hooker 2014

Unicorn Brewery Co. Ltd, Unicorn Brewery, Foundation Street, Ipswich, Suffolk

In 1717 John Catchpole gent involved with the Mansion House brewery and property including the Unicorn.

In 1813 Daniel Goddard at the Unicorn Brewery, Orwell Place. The “Foundation” brewery was for sale 1842, newly erected, by Messrs Paul.

In 1857 Nathaniel Catchpole as Catchpole & Co. June 1918 registered as shown, but wound up voluntarily in 1923 and the 56 tied houses were divided equally between Tollemache Breweries Ltd and Cobbold & Co. Ltd.

Buildings remain.

An assortment of views of the brewery.

The brewery, September 2014: