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The Ind Coope Family, by Ray Anderson

Ind Coope Ltd

Edward Ind, son of James Ind, a brewer in Baldock, Hertfordshire, purchased the Star Inn, High Street, Romford in 1799. Edward was in partnership with John Grosvenor from 1799 to 1816, and then John Smith from 1816 to 1845. Smith disposed of his share in 1845 (to become a partner in Fuller, Smith and Turner - still extant as Fullers of Chiswick) and Octavius Edward and his brother George became partners. The firm adopted the title Ind Coope & Co in 1856. In that same year the company purchased a second brewery, a partly built brewery in Station Street, Burton-on-Trent. Ind Coope was registered as a limited liability company in November 1886. The company experienced considerable difficulties in the 1900s, primarily because of poor management in the unwise purchase of public houses and went into receivership in January 1909. Involvement of both the Ind and the Coope families as directors of the company ceased in that year. The company came out of receivership in 1912 with a new board of directors, merged with Samuel Allsopp & Sons of Burton-on-Trent in 1934 and went on to become part of Allied Breweries in 1961. I attach a piece I wrote for an encyclopedia a few years ago on Allied Breweries which gives more information on the formation and subsequent history of that company.

Octavius Edward Coope JP. DL. MP (1814-1886), son of John Coope (born 1767) married Emily daughter of Captain Fulcher of the Indian Army in 1849. In 1865 they lived at Rochetts, Southweald, Essex. Octavius was also at sometime a director of the Pheonix Assurance Company. According to one apocryphal report he installed a barrel of beer at the Phoenix head office and told the staff to help themselves. The experiment was not a success, for on entering the office one day he found the whole staff completely incapable, and this generous facility was withdrawn forthwith. I attach a scan of the cover of an Ind Coope in house magazine of 1958 which claims to show Mrs Edward Ind and Mr Octavius Coope.

Octavius and Emily had an only son, Edward Jesser Coope, who became a partner and after 1886 director of Ind Coope & Co. Ltd. Edward Jesser Coope lived at Berechurch Hall near Colchester. The property was derelict by the 1950s. He was joint master of the East Essex Fox Hounds 1882-83 and sole master 1883-86. He was also a captain in the Suffolk Yeomanry. He married Pleasance Susan Fellowes of Norfolk. They had at least one son, Captain Jesser E N Coope RN, who in 1958 had the address Orchard Lea, Burton, Christchurch. This may help you in finding the Coope heirs.

There are other branches of the Coope family with some distinction. Octavius's elder brother Augustus Frederick (born 1813) was the grandfather of John Coope, managing director of the News Chronicle in the 1950s. Sir Charles Ponsonby, president of something called the Royal Empire Society in the 1950s, was a grandson of Octavius Coope, and claimed that his great great grandfather was present at the execution of Charles I.