Southdown & East Grinstead Breweries Ltd

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An advert from 1900

Southdown & East Grinstead Breweries Ltd, Southdown Brewery, Thomas Street, Lewes, East Sussex.

The Hope Brewery, East Grinstead was founded by Charles Absalom in 1844 and the Southdown Brewery, Lewes was established in 1838.

Registered July 1895 to acquire Dashwood & Co, Hope Brewery, East Grinstead; and A G S & T S Manning, Southdown Brewery, Lewes.

Sold both breweries and leased their 93 houses to Tamplin & Sons Ltd in 1920 who bought them in 1924.

Most of the buildings still standing.

List of Southdown & East Grinstead Breweries Ltd pubs

Images of the brewery