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Ordnance Survey extract from 1909. Reproduced with the permission of the National Library of Scotland (http://maps.nls.uk/index.html)
The King's Head
New Bridge Inn, Newhaven

Tamplin & Sons Brewery Brighton Ltd, Phoenix Brewery, Waterloo Street, Brighton, East Sussex.

Founded by Richard Tamplin in 1821. Succeeded by his son Henry Pagden Tamplin, then his grandson William Cloves Tamplin.

Registered May 1889. The Brighton brewery was rebuilt in 1921.

  • The nearby M P Castle (Albion Brewery), Albion Street, was acquired with 35 houses in March 1892; brewing ceased here in 1894 and the premises were used as a store.
  • The business of Bishop & Sons South Malling Brewery, Lewes was acquired in 1896.
  • Two-thirds of the licensed houses of the Hove brewers E. Robins & Son Ltd were acquired in 1928.
  • About 125 tied houses were purchased from the former Smithers & Sons Ltd Brighton brewery in 1929.

Tamplins were themselves taken over by Watney, Combe, Reid & Co. Ltd in 1953 with 400 public houses. Brewing ceased in October 1973, but the site continued as a depot until the end of the 1980s. In 1996, the site was cleared and houses were built on the site. Only the Old Counting House and the Brewer's House in Richmond Terrace remain.

  • More information about the company and other Brighton breweries is available from the Brighton & Hove website: : [[1]]

Various images of the brewery

The brewery in 2007. Courtesy Steve Peck.

The brewery in 2010. Courtesy Stuart Walsh.

An assortment of other images

Some examples of their output.

Entry in the Trade Mark Registry

Registration No  : 452,767
Description  : Words "CHEER-I-O"
Date of Application  : 15/10/1924
Used Prior to 1875?  : NO