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Salter & Co. Ltd, Rickmansworth Brewery, 22 High Street, Rickmansworth, Hertfordshire.

Founded by 1741. Registered December 1889 to acquire Salter & Co.

Acquired by the Cannon Brewery Co. Ltd. of London 1924 with 76 tied houses and was closed. The brewery wasused for various purposes until demolished 1972 and an office block built on the site.

From the Brewery History Society Newsletter Number 41

On 10th October Samuel Salter leased for £2,380 to Woodman & Fellowes the brewery and some 75 pubs. Samuel Salter, Job Woodman and Thomas Fellowes partnership apparently dated from 11th August 1826 as Messrs Salter, Woodman & Co. In 1841 shown as Fellowes & Woodman, but the following year Woodman seems to have transferred property to Capel & Fellowes, also mentioned 1848/50.

Thomas died 1858 and his son Harvey was later appointed manager. In 1889 Frederick William Fellowes refitting brewery at Kings Walden in partnership with Hindes.

David Dines writes:-

The earliest recorded date for the family of Salter in Rickmansworth is in the Overseer's Rate Accounts for 1727; the occupier is given as Samuel Salter, the rate demanded for the rated period being one shilling. This low rate is the amount that would be charged for a cottage property. In 1741 the rate demanded from him had risen from one shilling to four shillings, showing that a change of occupation had taken place. On 10th May, 1750, Samuel died, his heir being Stephen Salter. In 1751, the rate previously charged at four shillings had been increased to eight shillings, this being charged against the brewery. Stephen Salter died on 11th February, 1795, his heir to the brewery and public houses being his son Samuel, who died in 1829.

What record we have has been derived from a minutes book of the Manor of Rickmansworth over the date 9th December, 1829, when a presentment of the copy-hold premises of Samuel Salter was recited, these being:-

  • The Rose and Crown
  • The Cock
  • The Cross
  • The Bear
  • The Finch's Arms

After the death of Samuel Salter in 1829, the two trustees who had been appointed, William Capell and Thomas Fellows, made further purchases of public houses in the parish. A record of these is given in the tithe map rental 1839/40 and they are given below:-

  • The White Horse
  • The Maple Cross
  • The Whip and Collar
  • The Mines Royal
  • The Queen's Head
  • The Rose and Crown, Wood Cock Hill
  • The Coach and Horses
  • The Cart and Horses
  • The Green Man