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J C Mauldon & Son, White Horse Brewery, Ballingdon Street, Ballingdon, Sudbury, Suffolk (was Essex)

Established 1793. North Street brewery for sale 1868 John Clarke deceased, brewer over 50 years and his predecessors for 45 years.

In 1873 mention of new brewery Mrs Anna Maria Mauldon.

In 1896 also at the Cross Street brewery which became the Angel brewery.

In 1900 the White Horse brewery was rebuilt after a fire.

Acquired with 26 or 28 tied houses. by Greene King & Sons Ltd in 1958 and closed.

From ESSEX BREWERS - The Malting and Hop Industries of the County by Ian P Peaty 1992 now out of print ISBN 978 1 873966 02 4

Mrs Anna Maria Mauldon was licencee at The White Horse Inn in Ballingdon Road in 1868, and a few years later the Mauldon family also owned The Bull Inn just across the River Stour in Suffolk. Both Inn's were brewing for their own customers consumption, but the lease held by Mrs Mauldon at The White Horse was up for sale in 1875, described as "brewery and stores adjoining (to the rear) and six freehold cottages", these were purchased by Mrs Mauldon for £1,150 , and Anna Maria went into partnership with her son, Christie Edwin Mauldon. The Bull Inn, owned by Stephen Spurgin, was purchased around 1888 in addition to seven other public houses previously purchased. The business at

The White Horse was listed as early as 1886 as wine and spirit merchants. The title of the firm in 1890 was still A.M.Mauldon and Son. A disastrous fire destroyed the malthouse, brewhouse tower block and offices on the 9th May, 1900. In the the same year, Christie Edwin Mauldon was Mayor of Sudbury, Suffolk, he immediately arranged for rebuilding to take place and this was done with larger premises than before. Christie Junior and John, two of nine children, were taken into partnership in 1907, six years before Christie Edwin's death.

John carried on the business until 1946, a year after his brother Christie had died, and the ownership then passed to John's son John Junior. John Senior died in 1951, so John Christie Mauldon known as "Jack", continued as Head Brewer and owner until he sold out to Greene King & Sons Ltd in February, 1958. The sale included some twenty-eight licensed houses, although within the first year of ownership by Greene King, eight had been closed. John C.Mauldon continued to work for Greene King as an Area Manager until his retirement a few years later. At the time of closure there were 10 employees, producing 50 barrels per week bottling some 700 dozen per hour.

The range of draught beers consisted of fifteen, with six Milds, three Strong Ales, Porter and two Stouts, and four bottled beers, IPA, Extra Stout, Porter and Strong XXXX, in reputed quarts. The White Horse Inn originally brewed dark beers and The Bull light beers. The Offices fronting onto Ballingdon Street which were not destroyed in the fire of 1900, remain extant, complete with a frosted glass entrance door and rampant white horse logo on a small pediment. In December 1982, Peter Mauldon, a great-great-grandson of Anna Maria Mauldon, decided after having been a brewer for Watney, Combe, Reid & Co. Ltd in London, to set up brewing on his own, which he did in a modern industrial site on the other side of Sudbury town. He produces a range of excellent beers, including porter, a worthy successor to his ancestors.