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Glenny's Brewery Ltd, 18 Linton Road, Barking, Greater London.

Registered November 1917 to acquire the business of Thomas Wallis Glenny.

Acquired by Taylor, Walker & Co. Ltd. January 1930 with 15 public houses.

Buildings demolished.

From ESSEX BREWERS - The Malting and Hop Industries of the County by Ian P Peaty 1992 now out of print ISBN 978 1 873966 02 4

The Glenny family are an old and respected family, with Alexander Glenny, a surveyor, holding the post of High Constable of Essex in 1769. He had four sons two of them were also surveyors, William and George. William had three sons, one of whom, Thomas married Harriett and they had two sons, William Wallis and Thomas Wallis. Thomas was a market gardener and farmer in East Street in 1855, with an Edward Glenny of a similar occupation at Byfron Park. In October, 1864, a Dr George Glenny produced beer in a potato shed on the farm estate of his late father, W.W.Glenny, the first cask of beer being sold to Dr Galloway, of Cambridge Road, Barking. George Glenny sold out to his brother Thomas Wallis in 1869, who aquired a site on the East side of Linton Road and built a brewery.

In 1890 he introduced his nephew, George W.Glenny, who surved his brewing pupilage under Mr G.D. Atkinson at Messrs Fenwick's Brewery, Sunderland. Later G.W.Glenny studied under a Mr Chaston Chapman FRS. FIC. a chemist and scientist. T.W. Glenny died in 1914, six months before the Great War broke out. Every employee of the firm received a legacy in his will and they were given the opportunity to take up shares in the event of a company being formed. Towards the end of 1917 the brewery was in fact formed into a private company, with G.W. Glenny as Managing Director and J.V. Glenny, E. Raven, C.B. and Major C.H. Seabrooke as co-directors. (The last named was Chairman of Seabrooke & Sons Ltd., Thurrock Brewery, Grays.) The period of trading between 1914 and 1917 was under the direction of Trustees.

In 1926, Mr A.H. Glenny entered the brewery after a similar training to his uncle, G.W. Glenny. He took charge of the brewing process. During the period of 1920-1930, a sum of £70,000 was spent on rebuilding and alterations to public houses under the direction of Mr G.S. Stapley, FSA. On 9th November, 1929, it was reported in The Barking, East Ham and Ilford Advertiser that the firm was being taken over by Taylor, Walker & Co. Ltd, London, and that the sale included 15 licensed houses in Barking, Dagenham and Romford, and that the brewery would close down early in 1930. There were thirty employees, nearly all of the older ones being shareholders, and they were assured of "just and generous compensation". The foreman, Robert Pickerell had served for 44 years and one pensioner had served for 50 years. There was one lady employee, a Miss M. Heading. At the time of closure the brewery was producing 16,000 barrels per annum, obtaining the malt from Free Rodwell & Co (Mistley), Essex, and hops from H and P Paine, East Sutton, Kent; J.G. Goodwin, Tonbridge, Kent, and William Swain, Withyham, Sussex.

There were eight fermenting vessels. Of personalities in the firm, Harry Prior, Head Brewer must not be forgotten, as he was the son of Harry Senior, who was the founder's first assistant. At the closure there were three motorised drays, an Albion, Leyland and the larger A.E.C. and one horse dray in the charge of W. Snow. G.W. Glenny, J.P. retired at the time of takeover, which took effect on 2nd January, 1930. The brewery which was set back from Linton Road behind a fenced garden including four Lime trees, had the double bay fronted office on the left of the driveway entrance. A side door led into the offices beneath free standing gold letters which read "Barking Brewers". Behind the offices was the valanced roof loading bank. The name of Glenny continues today, as the successors to Alexander Glenny, Surveyor, are notable Estate Agents based in Barking. Also The Brewery Tap public house, now trading as a Taylor Walker house, indicates the past location of this brewery. There was a close connection with Seabrooke & Sons Ltd's Grays Brewery, as George Glenny was a director also of that company, and Alex H. Glenny, the last Managing Director, served his pupilage at the Gray's Brewery.

All Glenny's bottled beers were produced and packaged by Seabrooke & Sons Ltd and was in fact the same range. Draught Beers produced were Bitter and Mild, a Stout and a strong Burton.

Mr G.W. Glenny served on the board of Taylor, Walker & Co. Ltd. to at least 1931.

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