Edwin Finn & Sons Ltd

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Edwin Fin Lydd label.jpg

Edwin Finn & Sons Ltd, Pale Ale Brewery, High Street, Lydd, Kent.

Established 1862 when Edwin Finn bought Catherine Green's Sun Brewery which had been trading since c.1830.

Acquired Alfred White's brewery in the High Street and brewing transferred there, the old brewery being used for the production of ginger beer. New brewery built 1885.

Registered November 1896.

Acquired by Style & Winch Ltd. 1921 with 42 tied houses and was closed. Brewery bought by Mr Kenward of Kenward & Court Ltd. to brew a near beer for export to the USA, but without much success and was closed when prohibition was repealed.

The brewery has been demolished.

The Beaconsfield Hotel, Hastings

Hastings Pub in Finn livery.png