Devanha Brewery Co. Ltd

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Devanha Brewery Co. Ltd, Wellington Road, Aberdeen, Grampian.

Founded 1803.

Originally known as William Black & Co.

Registered as above April 1910.

Acquired by Thomas Usher & Son Ltd of Edinburgh in 1930 and ceased to brew.

The name passed to Vaux Breweries Ltd when they acquired Usher’s Park Brewery in 1959.

From: Frank Nicholson (ex Vaux MD), Co. Durham

I thought you would be interested to hear more of the Vaux Breweries Ltd connection with this company.

It was in Wellington Road and started life as William Black & Co in 1803 before changing its name to Devanha Brewery Co Ltd upon its registration as a limited liability company in 1910.

It was acquired by Thomas Usher & Son Ltd of Edinburgh in 1930 and ceased to brew. Vaux Breweries Ltd acquired Usher's Park Brewery, St Leonard's Street, in 1959 and, with the Devanha company name and registration, still in existence, we changed it to Norseman Lager Co Ltd and used it to launch that product in Scotland in about 1974. Usher's was acquired by Allied Breweries in 1980 when it ceased to brew, but the Devanha, alias Norseman, name remained with Vaux Breweries Ltd and, presumably, now languishes somewhere deep in the archives of AB Inbev.

Entry in the Trade Mark Registry

Registration No : 28,298
Description : Label XX
Date of Application : 13/5/1882
Used Prior to 1875? : 25 years