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Burton Brewery Co, Burton Brewery, William Street, Herne Bay, Kent.

Established at Herne Street, 1 1/2 miles from Herne Bay, prior to 1832 by George Harris.

Moved to William Street by 1874 and owned by Richard Sydney King in 1882. Known as G.E.Furber, Burton Brewery between 1888 and 1895, Flinn & Co. between 1895 and 1905 when above title assumed.

Brewing had ceased by 1910 when premises used as stores by the Canterbury Brewery Co and later by Fremlins Ltd in the 1930s.

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From Kentish Brewers by Peter Moynihan

Flinn & Co, Burton Brewery and Mineral Water Works, William Street, Herne Bay, Kent.. Listed in a Directory of 1895. Joseph Flinn was a maltster in Bishop’s Stortford in 1881, employing 43 men and three boys. His two sons, Frank and Harry, took over the brewery but their partnership was dissolved in 1894. Harry went to Canada for two years but returned to run the brewery. He purchased the concern outright in 1902 for £4,566 which included two pubs in Dover. In 1904 Harry Flinn filed his own petition for bankruptcy owing to debts incurred in the business.

Burton Brewery Co, William Street, Herne Bay, Kent.

This Company was formed after Flinn’s bankruptcy; brewing continued but had ceased by 1910. The brewing plant was dismantled and removed in 1911 and the premises became a store for the Canterbury Brewery Co with a taphouse and off-license. The stores were in use by Messrs Fremlins Ltd in 1934.

Note - FAR FROM HOME Although the brewery was demolished after 1971, some parts of the fabric survive – in South Yorkshire! Chris Pearce, the noted authority on Guinness and collector of Guinness labels, has several pathways in the garden of his house in Sheffield laid with recovered blue flooring bricks salvaged from the stables of the Burton Brewery. The author helped Chris and his wife Janet to transport the bricks from Herne Bay to Sheffield and to lay them.