Canterbury Brewery Co

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Courtesy Roy Denison
Courtesy Rod Jones
Courtesy Rod Jones

Canterbury Brewery Co, Northgate Brewery, St George's Street, Canterbury, Kent.

Established c.1854.

Registered as Johnson & Co. Ltd May 1878 brewing mainly for export.

The name was changed as above in 1898 when acquired by Wilson & Towgood.

Acquired by Fremlins Ltd. 1923 with one tied house and two off-licences.

Entry in the Trade Mark Registry

Registration No  : 223,533

Description  : Invicta holding coat of arms
Date of Application  : 01/06/1899
Used Prior to 1870?  : NO

Registration No  : 2,249
Description  : Heraldic shield & Invicta
Date of Application  : 15/2/1876

Used Prior to 1870?  : NO