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The Brunswick Brewery Co Ltd, 1 Railway Terrace, Derby, Derbyshire.

Originally the 'Brunswick Railway and Commercial Inn', a wedge-shaped building, built in 1842 by Midland Railway's architect Francis Thompson. It was possibly the first railway hotel in the UK. A homebrew pub in the past, acquired by Hardy & Hanson of Kimberley in 1947, but closed in 1974.

Together with the adjacent railway cottages, beautifully restored from a semi-derelict state in the 1980s by the Derbyshire Historic Buildings Trust, and reopened in October 1987 with the microbrewery installed in 1991.

Acquired by Everards Ltd of Leicester from the original Brunswick brewer Trevor Harris in 2002.

Still brewing independently, but an Everards Ltd's beer is also sold.

Brunswick Brewery - Gallery

The Brunswick in 2018:

From the Paul Gunnell archive