Aldous & Bedford Ltd

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Aldous & Bedford Ltd, Grosvenor Brewery, Victoria Road, Seacombe, Birkenhead, Merseyside

In 1860 John Hall Wright & Co, Grosvenor Brewery. By 1877 P Evans & Co were shown as taking on a new partner, Octavius Leatham of Hemsworth. Partnership dissolved by 1881 but shown also at 68 Hanover Street, Liverpool.

In 1883 up for sale with 11 public houses and in 1884 shown as Hamer & Co, then 1884/90 John Cattle; 1890/92 Leatham & Co; 1892/94 Montgomery & Co. In May 1895 registered as Aldous & Bedford Ltd and run by John King.

Wound up 1897 and taken over by Chester Lion Brewery Co. Ltd in 1898 who put it up for auction in 1900.

The Irving Theatre was built on the site, later known by many other names but still standing.