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Victoria Hotel, Offerton: "DRINK ONLY THE BEST WILSONS"

Wilson's Brewery Ltd, Newton Heath Brewery, Monsall Road, Newton Heath, Manchester.

Founded 1834 by John Collinson and George Simpson and was acquired by Henry Charles Wilson and Thomas Philpot in March 1865. Registered September 1894 as Henry Charles Wilson & Co. Ltd. and the name was changed as above later in the same year.

After the 1949 merger with Walker & Homfrays Ltd. was known as Wilson & Walker Breweries Ltd. until reverting to the original title in 1952.

Amalgamated with Watney Mann Ltd. August 1960 with 1,124 houses.

Brewing ceased 1987. For a while, Wilson's beers were brewed in Halifax by Webster & Sons Ltd.

Views of the brewery