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William Toone, The George, 18 Market Place, Belton, Leicestershire.

In 1846, the George was kept by Ann Toone, whilst William Toone was shown as a maltster. In 1870 William was a farmer, whilst Mrs Elizabeth Toone had been at the George since 1855. By 1875, he had become a maltster and farmer and two years later was shown as a maltster and brewer.

From 1881 to 1902 William Toone was listed as a brewer and maltster (F247), but in 1884 John Emerson was at the George, followed by Thomas Chesterton. It seems likely that what had started out as the pub brewhouse, may have begun to operate on a more commercial scale.

In 1904 Mrs Jane Toone was only listed as a beer retailer, but there seems to be a 1911 entry for William Toone as a brewer.

In 1944, the George was bought by [[Offiler's Brewery Ltd] for £4,000, but seems to have been sold for only £2,550 in 1964.

It is still trading, with an emphasis on food. The frontage gives a date of circa 1753 and a building in the yard at the rear may be the remains of a brewhouse.

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