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William Livingstone Ltd, Bridge Street, Westport, Co Mayo, Ireland.

Founded 1799. Sometimes refereed to as Levingstone.

Registered 1907.

Brewery closed 1920 but the business may have continued until c.1930 as ale and stout merchants and bottlers under the name of Livingstone Traders (Westport) Ltd.

From the Brewery History society Journal Number 91

Westport is one of the very few magnificently planned towns in Ireland which was during the 19th Century a thriving industrial and commercial port. In 1824 it had two ale breweries both on the same street, Farrells and Levingstones. The latter was founded in 1799 and continued trading up to c.1930 when it closed it was brewing only a local porter. The Levingstones were a very successful merchant family who were also in the distilling business and had for some period during the 19th Century a brewery in Ballina in the same county. Their residence was called Westport Lodge.

Entry in the Trade Mark Registry

Registration No  : 337,964
Description  : Signature
Date of Application  : 23/11/1911
Used Prior to 1875?  : NO