William Gomm & Son

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Turks Head, Twickenham, 2012

William Gomm & Son

Beehive Brewery, 93 High Street, Brentford, Middlesex; then:

Beehive Brewery, Catherine Wheel Yard, Brentford, Middlesex

(London Borough of Hounslow)

Established by William Gomm at the Beehive public house in the High Street.

In 1876 he purchased the Grand Junction Brewery in Catherine Wheel Yard and moved there in 1877, renaming it the Beehive Brewery.

Acquired by Fuller, Smith & Turner Ltd 1908 with 34 tied houses.

List of William Gomm & Son pubs

The original brewery tap, High Street, Brentford

Catherine Wheel Yard

Other items

Entry in the Trade Mark Registry

Registration No  : 164,159

Description  : Beehive (as brewery), wagons, ops & barley
Date of Application  : 12/4/1892

Used Prior to 1870?  : NO