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Matthias Wharram & Co, Steam Brewery, Brewery Street, Burgh-le-Marsh, Lincolnshire.

In 1855 Robert Briggs listed, then 1864-80 Henry Hildred.

In 1880-84 F Wallis & W Wharram, then Matthias Wharram. He died in a cycling accident in September 1896.

On 27th February 1897 there was a sale of the brewery and malting with the White Hart and White Swan, Henry Hildred deceased, together with Hildreds Hotel, Skegness, occupant T E Walls.

It is thought that they bought the local brewery H & F Jones in 1903.

There was an auction on 19th August 1920, with 15 houses. TE Walls the occupant for 20 years retiring. Bateman & Son Ltd bought the brewery and some of the houses.

List of T E Walls pubs

Adam Cartwright writes:-

Matthias Wharram had entered into partnership with Thomas Everard Walls, a local farmer (the son of a vicar), by 1896 – the Stamford Mercury of 25 Sep 1896 carried a notice dissolving the partnership following Wharram’s cycling accident the previous month (as you mentioned). In February 1897 Walls bought an un-named brewery in Burgh (I suspect that must be the former Wharram brewery), the White Hart and the White Swan in Burgh and Hildred’s Hotel in Skegness (which would have been a large and presumably profitable business) for £8,000.

When the Kiln House brewery was sold in August 1903, Walls (trading as Wharram & Co) was the purchaser, the lot including four pubs in and around Burgh. Walls bought a few more pubs so that by the time of his retirement in 1920 the estate consisted of 15 houses as well as other properties and land. These were all sold in August 1920 as you say. According to the Lincs Standard (21 Aug 1920) the only properties then sold to Bateman & Son Ltd were the brewery itself, the Wheel at Welton le Marsh and the Red Lion at Burgh, but others were “withdrawn” which usually means a subsequent off-auction sale, so others may have passed to Bateman & Son Ltd, although at the time Batemans were a relatively small business themselves.

Wharram’s bottling trade was sold in 1920 to Frank Willmer trading as G Boulton & Co, mineral water manufacturers of Alford. Willmer’s main trade was an auctioneer and I think the bottling trade may have been short lived; presumably it was carried on at the old Wharram premises. Bateman & Son Ltd advertised the Burgh brewery in 1922 and 1925, the latter time for £700; the sale appears to have finally been made in the latter year.