West Country Breweries 'Castle' Plaques

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Guiting Power, Glos
Salutation, Mangotsfield, Glos

West Country Breweries 'Castle' Plaques

West Country Breweries Ltd

Cheltenham and Hereford Breweries Ltd was formed as a result of a merger in 1945. West Country Breweries Ltd was the name adopted following the merger of The Cheltenham and Hereford Breweries with The Stroud Brewery Co Ltd in 1958. The company was acquired by Whitbread and Co Ltd in 1963.

These magnificent plaques with the castle trademark were manufactured by Doultons of Lambeth (information from Dr Lynn Pearson). They were originally installed by the Cheltenham and Hereford Breweries Ltd and a plaque of that company remains at the former Foxhill Inn at Guiting Power, Gloucestershire (as illustrated).

Following the creation of West Country Breweries Ltd, similar plaques with the castle trademark and 'WEST COUNTRY ALES' were widely installed, and are still quite prevalent in the West Country. These were installed from 1958 until about 1967, including a few years under Whitbread ownership.

Geoff Sandles possesses a wealth of information on breweries and pubs in Gloucestershire and has a website – www.gloucestershirepubs.co.uk.

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