Thomas Phillips & Co. Ltd

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Courtesy Guy Sankey
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An advert from 1882
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Thomas Phillips & Co. Ltd, Abbey Brewery, 65 Swan Street, West Malling, Kent.

Robert Howard White & Co operated the Town Malling Brewery in Swan Street until 1888 when acquired by Phillips. This became the Abbey Brewery after being rebuilt.

Registered March 1898 to acquire the Abbey Brewery, John James Allen of the Diamond Brewery, Dover and the Park Brewery Co, Camberwell, London with 54 houses.

Compulsorily wound up December 1907.

Brewery closed and all houses sold by 1912.

Acquired by E. & H. Kelsey Ltd of Tunbridge Wells 1920 as the Abbey Brewery Stores. Premises used by the Abbey Brewery Co. Ltd, registered November 1934, until about 1939.

Brewery has been converted to flats.

The brewery in 1985

The brewery in 1987

The brewery in 1989

The brewery in 2008

The Brewery in August 2012. Photos from Andy Hooker