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Theakston Wards Foxearth - Copy.jpg
Courtesy Roy Denison

T & R Theakston Ltd, The Brewery, Red Lane, Masham, North Yorkshire.

Founded by Robert Theakston, a farmer from the hamlet of Warthermarske, near Masham in 1827, when he established a brewery at the Black Bull Inn, College Lane, Masham.

The family bought orchard land at 'Paradise Fields' on the west side of the town centre, and Robert's sons, Thomas and Robert, built their present brewery in 1875. The company was registered in March 1905.

They acquired T Lightfoot's Wellgarth Brewery, Masham in 1919 and closed it. Parts of the site are still owned by Theakstons, and the brewery own the White Bear Hotel at this site.

They acquired the former State Management Brewery Carlisle Old Brewery Co. Ltd in 1974.

Acquired by Matthew Brown & Co. Ltd in July 1984, and after Brown's purchase by S&N, they were controlled by Scottish & Newcastle Breweries Ltd. Some Theakston beers were brewed in Newcastle for a few years.

However, in 2003, the Masham brewery and brands were sold back to the Theakston family.

Various images of the brewery:

The brewery in 1988:

The brewery in 1997:

The brewery in September 2018: