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The following is a diagram of AB InBev's major mergers and acquisitions and historical predecessors, produced prior to the acquisition of SABMiller.


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Memorandum of agreement made on 9th day of August 1890, between Joseph Carter wood and Joseph Edmund Carter Wood, carrying on business in co-partnership as brewers at the Artillery Brewery, Victoria Street, Westminster in the county of London, under the style of J C Wood and Co, and each of them according to their respective rights and interests in the property hereby agreed to be sold (hereinafter called the vendors) of the one part, and Watney & Company Limited (hereinafter called the purchasers) of the other part, whereby it is agreed and declared by and between the said parties as follows:-
1. The vendors will sell and the purchasers will purchase —
(i). The goodwill of the business carried on by the vendors at the Artillery Brewery aforesaid (but not the brewery premises on which the said business has been carried on, nor the goodwill of the Kings arms public house adjoining the brewery).
(ii) the freehold and leasehold property specified in the first and second parts respectively of the first schedule hereto.
(iii) all the rolling stock, horses, harness, office furniture, trade marks, licenses, insurances, malt, hops, sugar, beer, ales, casks, barrels, implements, utensils, stock in trade, books of account and documents belonging to the vendors in connection with the said business (but not the fixed plant or machinery or other fixtures on the said brewery premises or Kings Arms nor any horses, carriages, articles or effects in or about the private residence and stables of the vendors or either of them adjoining the said brewery premises).
(iv) all cash at the vendors office and in the vendors banks in connection with the business on the day of giving possession as hereinafter mentioned whether on deposit or otherwise.

No Names of House Situation Approx term of sub lease Rent Rec'd
1 Albert Victoria Street £550
2 British Flag (see also 53) Cottage adjoining Culvert Road, Battersea £80 & £15
3 Cedar Tree (see also 18) Wandsworth Lane, Putney £67
4 Chequers Wapping Wall £52
5 Graving Dock Tavern and shop adjoining North Woolwich Road, 2 Graving Dock Terrace. Note £1 pa is paid for rent for urinal £200 & £23
6 Horns and shop adjoining Grange Road, Bermondsey. £200
7 Lord Nelson and cottage adjoining Clarence Street, Rotherhithe £50
8 Prince Albert Wharfdale Road, Kings Cross £180
9 Prince Alfred Tufton Street, Kings Cross £100
10 Princes Head Princes Street, Westminster £275
11 Railway Tavern York Road, Kings Cross £60
12 Ship Marigolds Street, Bermondsey £78
13 Victoria Dock Tavern and shop adjoining Victoria Dock Road, Canning Town £150
14 Commercial (and see no. 14a, Schedule 2) Battersea Park Road £27 £200
15 Upton Hotel (and see no. 15a, Schedule 2) Bexley Heath £21 3/4 £100
16 Wheatsheaf Rotherhithe Street £16 1/2 £36
17 Salisbury Arms Salisbury Street, Bermondsey £38 3/4 £40
18 Cedar Tree stables (See no. 3) £17 3/4 £56
19 Albert Chambers Victoria street £200
20 Six Shops Enfield Highway £113
No Names of House Situation Approx term of sub lease Rent Rec'd
21 Roebuck and 6 cottages Enfield Highway £990 £100
22 Old Five Bells St. Leonard Street, Bromley by Bow £87 ½ £60
23 White House Premises and 10 cottages. Enfield Wash £87 £64
24 Queens arms Bolton Street, Camberwell £78 £80
25 Birkbeck (See also no 25a, Schedule 2) Birkbeck Road, Tulse Hill £78 ½ £104
26 Silver Cross Charing Cross £73 ½ £300
27 Murray Arms (reversion to trade) Rhyl Street, Kentish Town £72 ¾ £20
28 Sabbarton Arms Upper North Street, Poplar £62 ½ £195
29 Gospel Oak (See also no 29a, Schedule 2) 62 Southampton Road, Haverstock Hill £61 ¾ £90
31 White Swan 181 Upper Thames Street £79 ½ £350
32 Pickering Arms Pickering Street, Islington £54 ½ £104
33 Lucas Arms Grays Inn Road £47 ½ £250
34 Builders Arms Moreton Street £43 ¾ £500
35 Prince of Orange Artillery Row £42 £176
36 Foresters Arms Myrtle Street, Commercial Road £41 £104
37 Triangle Arms and cottage (See also no. 37a, Schedule 2) Caroline Street, Old Kent Road £34 £76
38 Constitution Churton Street £34 £20
39 Rifleman Horseferry Road £30 £100
40 Horse Shoe and shop Little George Street, 14 Little George Street £27 £80