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Tapped Ale

The Tapped Brew Co, Sheffield Tap, Sheffield Station, Sheaf Street, Sheffield, South Yorkshire S1 2BP

Established in 2013 in the former First Class Dining Room at the Sheffield Tap pub. A 4-barrel brewery.

According to the brewery website:

The Tapped brewery is a 4BBL (Brewers Barrel) kit. 1BBl is equivalent to 4 x 9 gallon casks so it has a maximum capacity of 16 x 9 gallon casks per brew. The Hot Liquor Tank, Mash Tun, Underback and Copper are all insulated and copper clad. There are two 2000 litre closed conical fermenters behind the brewery, these allow us to brew the same beer on two consecutive days and ferment them in the same vessel. The fermenting room to the side of the brewery houses a further four 1000 litre fermenters for single brews. The fermenters are closed and have cooling jackets so both the temperature and carbonation of the beer can be controlled at every stage. We brew a wide range of beer styles into both keg and casks and plan to acquire a bottling plant in the future.

The brewery, October 2015: