Richard Smith (Thurmaston)

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Richard Smith, Boat Inn, Thurmaston, Leicestershire.

In 1837, Richard Smith was shown as the victualler at the pub, in connection with Samuel Daykin a maltster of Great Wigton. He seems to have inherited the property in 1835, from the will of John Smith, a victualler and coal merchant.

In 1857, the property seems to have been in the hands of Joseph Cooper Moore, presumably the same individual brewing in Cank Street in 1846. By 1869, John Goodman seems to have been the tenant at the inn.

However, in 1875 it seems to have become owned by John Flude a victualler in Leicester. In 1883, John Flude was described as a coal merchant and the former inn was a private house, next to 3 cottages converted from the brewhouse and barn.

The last mention of the property was in 1911, when the land was purchased by the Peptine Maltine Ltd of Fairfax Street.