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The Raikes Hall Hotel
Raikes Hall Hotel

Raikes Brewery Co Ltd, Cookson Street, Blackpool, Lancashire.

In 1871/72, John Booth & Co were listed as maltsters and brewers at Raikes Hill and Great Marton, but were not shown in 1873.

Then in 1876, George Ormerod was listed for the Raikes Brewery; however, three years later he was shown as the manager of the Fylde Brewery Co in Cookson Street. The Brewers’ Journal for 1881 mentions that the Fylde Brewery Co had been wound up (p354) and in 1884, it was trading as the Raikes Brewery Co.

In 1886, the Raikes Hotel on Cookson Street was run by Joseph Bleasdale and owned by the exors. of George Ormerod. There was also a Raikes Hall Hotel, which was owned and run by the Raikes Hall Garden Co, a local entertainment complex.

It is not clear when brewing ceased, but probably George’s death was a key factor. His possible connections with the Newton Spring Brewery may have also been influential. By the 1920s, the Raikes Hotel itself had become the Grosvenor, standing on the corner of Church Street.