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The original share prospectus from 1889.
An advert from 1890.
The brewery in Stonehouse c.1950.
The Dolphin pub in Dartmouth 2011. Courtesy Roy Denison

Plymouth Breweries Ltd, Regent Brewery, Stonehouse, Plymouth, Devon.

Listed as Thomas Edwards in 1852 then Thomas Prynn in 1857.

Registered October 1889 to amalgamate: Samuel Vosper, Regent Brewery; Amanda Henrietta Butcher, Anchor Brewery, Chapel Street, Stonehouse; George Ryall, 41 Frankfort Street Brewery; Hicks & Co, South Devon Brewery, 2 Willow Street, all in Plymouth and Frederick Richard Vaughan, Saltash Brewery.

Acquired by Courage & Co. Ltd. December 1970 for £6.5 million. Was known as 'Courage South West' for a while.

Brewing ceased in 1983.

From Brewery History Society Newsletter Number 48

It seems that Samuel Vosper senior (1827-1901) took over the Regent Brewery in Chapel St, East Stonehouse, Plymouth (there are/were several Chapel Streets locally, just to confuse!) around 1860. The street frontage of nos. 7/8/9/11 Chapel St still stands, with the brewery name both on the front wall and in cement lettering on the rooftop parapet. However, that part of the street has now been re-named Durnford St. The entrance to the brewery was under an arch adjoining no. 8 - but no brewery buildings survive; most of the land now being a private carpark. In the late 19th century several directories list the premises as wine and spirit merchant, ale and porter, including wine vaults, with no 11. being a hotel/inn.

Five breweries seem to have amalgamated in 1899 (I think you suggested 1889) as Plymouth Breweries. They were:-

  • Regent Samuel Vosper, Chapel St (east side)
  • Anchor Amanda Butcher, Chapel St (west side)
  • Frankfort (?) F Street
  • South Devon Hicks & Co, 2 Willow St
  • Saltash Breweries Richard Vaughan

The concern was acquired by Courage's in 1970. Brewing ceased at the Regent site in 1983, being the last to close. The Anchor Brewery had impressive buildings at the E. end of Stonehouse Bridge. The Local Studies section of Plymouth Central Library has some documentation including photos of Anchor.

Amanda Henrietta Butcher's, Anchor Brewery.

Regent Brewery in 1984.

Regent Brewery in 1990.

Some labels and ephemera.

Entry in the Trade Mark Registry

Registration No  : 27,942

Description  : A female figure, anchor, ships
Date of Application  : 21/3/1882
Used Prior to 1870?  : 8 years

Registration No  : 61,005
Description  : Arrow through circle with words "Butcher Stonehouse" TM for mineral waters
Date of Application  : 15/1/1887

Used Prior to 1870?  : NO