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The sign above the Somerby site

Parish Brewery, Stag and Hounds, 6 Main Street, Burrough-on-the-Hill, Leicestershire.

Brewing commenced 1984 in the cellar of the Stag and Hounds by landlord Barrie Parish. Expanded in 1986 to the old stables.

Moved to Old Brewery Inn, Somerby, in 1992, but returned here in 2003.

Parish Brewery, The Old Brewery Inn Courtyard, High Street, Somerby, Leicestershire.

Brewing commenced 1992 following move.

In 2003 they moved back to Burrough-on-the-Hill.


Mike Brown writes:-

In 1846, the Stag was kept by William Gee. From 1848 to 1870, George Horspool was running the pub as a victualler and cattle dealer.

Barrie Parish bought the pub from John Smiths in 1984 and set about rebuilding it. In July 1986, Barrie, with some 7 years home-brewing experience, set up as the smallest commercial brewery in the country, using a Baby Burco boiler and a barrel cut into two for the mash tun. This was based in the cellar at the pub and initially produced around 18 gallons per brew.

In total the plant produced some 72 gallons per week of Parish Special Bitter 1036°, sold at 69p per pint, and 36 gallons of Poachers Ale at a strength of 1066°. The yeast for the beers came from Hoskins & Oldfield in Leicester.

The impact of brewing meant that the proposed sale of the pub was withdrawn. Instead, the 1/2 barrel plant was replaced by a 5 barrel stainless steel brewery from Ind Coope, which was located in the stables of the pub.

The beer range was extended to include Baz’s Bonce Blower at 1105° OG 13½% abv, recorded as the strongest cask beer brewed. In 1990, the Parish Brewery moved to Somerby.