Offiler's Brewery Ltd

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One of their Trade Mark registrations - date unknown
An advert from 1885
An advert from 1876
Letterhead 1956
The former George Hotel, Derby, 2012 (windows since replaced)

Offiler's Brewery Ltd, 7 Ambrose Street, Normanton Road, Derby, Derbyshire.

Founded 1876 when George Offiler acquired the Vine Inn brewery, Whitaker Street.

Ambrose Street acquired and converted into a brewery from the Star Tea Warehouse in 1884. Registered November 1890 and reconstructed company formed February 1892.

Acquired by Charrington United Breweries Ltd 1965 with 238 properties houses and was closed 30th September 1966.

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Entry in the Trade Mark Registry

Registration No : 49,851
Description : Star on square
Date of Application : 15/12/1885
Used Prior to 1875? : NO

Registration No : 186,001
Description : Chess piece
Date of Application : 05/03/1895
Used Prior to 1875? : NO