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Kinnell & Hartley Ltd, Emsworth Brewery, South Street, Emsworth, Hampshire.

Listed as George Whicher from 1794, Whicher & Hipkin from 1855.

Under the name of Albert George Hipkin 1867-1884 then Hipkin & Co. 1885-1896.

Acquired 1897 by above. Registered 1903.

Acquired by Henty & Constable Ltd. 1928 with 20-30 houses.

From Brewery History Number 103 Kinnell & Hartley Ltd

In November 1928, the following announcement appeared in The Brewing Trades Review :-

“Messrs. Henty & Constable (Brewers) Ltd, Chichester, have acquired the business of Messrs. Kinnell & Hartley Ltd, Emsworth Hants (which was established in the 18th century by Mr. George Whitcher, who was born in 1766 and died 1848), together with some 20 to 30 licensed properties. We understand that brewing will be transferred to Chichester, and that the Emsworth brewery will be closed down.”

Emsworth in the 19th century had two breweries which are connected with Kinnell & Hartley. Firstly the Dolphin Brewery which in the 1870s and 1880s was run by Albert Clarke. This was taken over by Hipkin & Co of Emsworth in 1881. Hipkin & Co consisted of the partnership of C.Sillett, H.Young and C.H.J. Emery. This partnership was dissolved in November 1890, this was in regard to another partner F.H.Fairclough. He had formerly been in partnership with George Alfred Hipkin and others at the Crown Brewery, South Street, Emsworth.

From 1896, the Crown Brewery was being run by Noel Edward Kinnell and Arthur Hartley. Also in that year they appear to have taken over the business of Messrs. Alex Hurst & Co, of the Haslar Street Brewery, Gosport. The partnership of Kinnell and Hartley became a private registered company in 1904, with seven directors. These were:-

  • N.E.W.Kinnell, The Brewery, Emsworth
  • A.Hartley, The Brewery, Emsworth
  • S.Pitt, 16 St Andrew Street, Holborn Circus, London
  • C.Hartley, Windmill, Bishop’s Stortford, Herts
  • A.Melvin, 43 Drumsheugh Gardens, Edinburgh
  • A.Hartley, Stower Provost, Gillingham, Dorset
  • A.Vian, 3 Mecklenbury Gardens, W.C.

There was no issue of shares to the public.

Entry in the Trade Mark Registry

Registration No  : 330,855
Description  : Phosto (word) TM for food for cattle and other animals
Date of Application  : 08/02/1911
Used Prior to 1875?  : NO