Joseph & John Overend Wood

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The Stone Dam Brewery

Joseph & John Overend Wood, Grange Brewery, Grange Road, Allerton, Bradford, West Yorkshire.

Partnership of Thomas Ward & Co. dissolved 1866. The Woods first listed here in 1877. Moved to Denholme in 1884.

Joseph & John Overend Wood, Denholme Gate Brewery, Halifax Road, Denholme, West Yorkshire.

Established by Jonathan Knowles when he opened a "new and more extensive brewery" in March 1837. He had been at the Denholme Gate Inn c.1820. Sons Jonathan and George later joined the business and began buying tied houses. Became totally insolvent by 1884. Brothers J.and J.O.Wood, formerly of the Grange Brewery, Grange Road, Allerton, took possession.

Edward Hainsworth listed 1894.

The business was sold in 1896 to form part of Boardman's United Breweries Ltd. with 39 houses.

They transferred production from the Caledonia Brewery to Denholme Gate by 1903. Brewing at Denholme appears to have ceased before 1920. The property became known as Stone Dam Mills and was lastly occupied by a furniture company. In February 1985 fire destroyed the property.

List of Joseph & John Overend Wood pubs

Malcolm Toft writes:- Grange Brewery, Grange Road, Allerton. Founded before 1866 when Thomas Ward & Co; of Allerton Grange, consisting of the partnership of Thomas Ward, Jonathan Charnock, William Smith and James Garlick, was dissolved. J. & J.G.Wood were in control by 1877. They later moved to Denholme Gate.

Denholme Gate Brewery, Halifax Road, Denholme. Jonathan Knowles opened his new and more extensive brewery in March 1837, he had been at the Denholme Gate Inn from at least 1820. In 1851 he employed eight servants, this at the next census had changed to six men and by 1881 thirteen men. His sons, first Jonathan (by 1861) and later George, joined the business. Under their control an estate of tied houses was built up, unfortunately they could not keep up with their mortgage repayments and subsequently became insolvent in 1884.

Brothers Joseph and John Overend Wood then took possession of the establishment, they had previously brewed at the Grange Brewery, Allerton. They were colliery proprietors, farmers and property owners. J.O.Wood was a shrewd man of business and acquired a number of houses including the thirty-nine for the firm. The brothers sold the business in 1896 to form part of Boardman's United Breweries Ltd. A few months later they were able to spend £75,000 purchasing the Gateforth estate Selby.