John Hubbard

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John Henry Hubbard, Three Crowns, 28 Far Street, Wymeswold, Leicestershire.

The Three Crowns dates back to at least 1810, when it was being run by a Mrs Fox. In 1835 Robert Curtis was the victualler, followed by Joseph Bampton.

By 1855 John Bakewell was at the pub, but in 1877 John Wootton Bakewell was shown as a brewer’s agent. In 1894 it was run by Mrs John Mitchell.

The brewer for 1900 to 1914 was John Henry Hubbard (F5909) and in 1921 John Hubbard. Then around 1922-5 Robert Hames was the brewer, although he was still at the pub in 1932, there was no mention of brewing.

The pub is still trading and what looks like the remains of a brewhouse can be seen a the rear; although at some time the building has been converted to accommodation.