John Barker (Leyton)

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John Barker, Low Leyton, Leyton, Greater London.

Ale and beer brewer. This reference to "ale and beer brewer" in 1826 is unique in Essex.

On 18th August, 1834, a lease between Samuel Richard Bosanquet and Willliam Featherstonhaugh, oilman, for a brewery in the Parish of Leyton Essex, late in the occupation of John Barker, then W.Featherstonhaugh, from 29th September, a 21 year lease, at a rent of £45 per annum, payable quarterly. On 4th October, 1837, between Alexander Willoughby Burkitt, brewer and Frederick Braithwaite, the residue of base. On 25th June, 1838, an underlease between Frederick Braithwaite to John Braithwaite, Civil Engineer and Rev., Henry Cripps of Preston, Gloucestershire, clerk. (This Henry Cripps is almost certainly connected with The Cirencester Brewery Company, Gloucestershire).

"Frederick Braithwaite sell to Henry Cripps the said brewery etc, in the occupation of Sydney Braithwaite, tenant of Frederick Braithwaite, for the residue of the 21 year lease, the plant, coppers, vats, machinery and other fixtures which were erected or which might be erected in or upon the said Brewery."

On 25th June, 1838, sold to Fred, Fletcher of Stratford, Ironmoger, and George Eedes Eachus, of Russel Square, Middlesex, Gent. for £600 interest at 5%. The lease dated 29th October, 1839. The Directory entries list Thomas Barker in 1823, John Barker in 1826 and Sidney Braithwaite in 1839, variously at Low Leyton and Laytonstone.

From ESSEX BREWERS - The Malting and Hop Industries of the County by Ian P Peaty 1992 now out of print ISBN 978 1 873966 02 4