Installing a new copper at Wethered & Sons

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Installing A New Brewery Copper - A Photographic Essay


Trevor Biggs, ex-employee of Wilson & Scotchman, Brewer's Engineers and Coppersmiths

The copper was too big to be built in the workshop so a very temporary shed was constructed in the company’s yard. Unfortunately, this was in the bad winter of 1963.

When complete it was loaded onto a wagon and dispatched to Marlow. The town of Reading was the only place to insist on a Police Escort!

When it arrived I was there with a workmate, and Sparrow’s largest Crane. They lifted it off the wagon and lowered it to the ground on its side, slinging it from the top to lift it upright. As it came upright and reached its balance point and toppled over to the upright position landing heavily on one of its feet. This buckled the steel cradle and dented the dished bottom. This was repaired when the Copper was on site.

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