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Hoskins by Richard Berridge, ca.1979
In the Museum of Technology 2009

T Hoskins Ltd, Beaumanor Brewery, 131 Beaumanor Road, Leicester, Leicestershire

Founded 1877 by Jabez Penn and acquired by Thomas Hoskins in 1906. Registered in June 1947.

For many years the brewery operated with just one tied house, the Red Lion in Market Bosworth; although there was an off-licence at Beaumanor Road. The pub at the brewery, the 'Tom Hoskins' opened only in 1984.

Acquired by Barrie and Robert Hoar in July 1983 and by a new company Hoskins Ltd November 1985. In 1993, the company was acquired by former funeral parlour boss Howard Hodgson, who then sold it to its management. In receivership 1996; then acquired by Northamptonshire pub chain Cherry Hawk, at which time the company became Tom Hoskins plc. Hoskins was then acquired by Burns Leisure / Archers Ales, who closed the Beaumanor Brewery in 2001.

The 'Tom Hoskins' pub is still trading with the former brewery buildings standing at the rear.

In 1984, some members of the Hoskins family established the Hoskins & Oldfield Brewery Ltd.

From a booklet issued by Hoskins' Brewery in the 1930s

The brewery in the 1980s

The brewery in 1993. Courtesy Ian Peaty

The brewery in September 2006. Courtesy Steve Peck

More views of the brewery

An assortment of labels and beer mats