Hopkins, Garlick & Co. Ltd

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Hopkins, Garlick & Co. Ltd, Sutton or Model Brewery, Greatfield Road / Sutton Road, Kidderminster, Worcestershire.

George Hopkins was originally a wine & spirit merchant and running the George at 111/112 Mill Street.

In 1899 acquired the Sutton Brewery and registered as above in 1911.

On 1st June 1911 there was a sale of the business of Hopkins & Son, wine and spirit merchants est 1859. Lot 3 was an off-licenced grocery on corner of Sutton Road, with newly-erected model home brewery in Greatfield Street, occupant Edwin Randle.

In 1910 Joshua Randle was listed in Churchfields.

In 1896 members of the Garlick family had been brewers next to the Three Crowns, Wolverley Road, Franche.

Brewing ceased at the Sutton Brewery in 1921. Between 2012 and 2016, alterations were made to the brewhouse and it was converted to a house, now named 'The Old Brewhouse'.